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TAX DOCTOR is not often recognized in the media due to confidentiality, but here are summaries of our latest accomplishments.

08/13 Out of Something Bad Comes Something Good

              A client called stating that he had sustained $155,000 in damages to his house due to Hurricane Sandy. Since he was in the three-year statute of limitations, we were able to get him a refund of $28,000 on his federal return, as well as a refund of $7,000 on his New York State return. This will help his family get back on their feet after this terrible disaster, and is a perfect example of why we are stronger than the storm. 

11/12  In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

              The Federal Government is allowing victims who have had substantial losses to amend their 2011 Tax Returns and add these losses. 
              This results in a much larger tax refund. The objective of the Government is to get the money into the hands of the storm victims as quickly
              as possible.  Any unused casualty loss will carry over to the next tax year.  This is providing, in effect, a tax refund "on steroids".



Tax audit results in total victory for taxpayer

It is not the kind of thing that happens every day, but an audit that could have resulted in over $50,000 of taxpayer liability ended with the IRS recommending "no change" to the return. In other words, we won! It was an issue involving Real